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Midori shook her head. What could she say? Even telling him that she’d nearly been killed would make her sick. The last thing Midori wanted to do was go back to thinking about ‘what happened’, so she just shook her head again and walked faster, away from him.

Midori began to move through the house slowly, bumping into a table in the process. She made a high-pitched ‘eep’ and jolted upright when she did but didn’t look back at Kyle to shrug it off. When she got to a chair, Midori sat down heavily and crossed her arms over her chest. She felt a prickling in the back of her neck and numbly reached over to feel it. Blood from where the tailor had grazed her…

"…Can I…have something to drink?" Midori asked quietly. She had a headache, so maybe she should get some water.

     Kyle watched as the poor girl stumbled through the room. She didn’t look very well at all. As a matter of fact, he could have sworn that he had seen blood just a moment ago.

     He was a bit baffled by her request. Surely, she required medical attention first and foremost. Still, Midori seemed rather shaken up, so he supposed it was alright. At least she was safe, now that she was here.


     “Of course. Please wait right here.” He said, though he didn’t think she’d be moving any time soon, before turning and walking away. When he returned, He had both a glass of water, and some bandages, and he set them down on the table for her.

     “Here you are. Now then, are you ready to tell me what happened?”

Have you seen Lief, withinthishollowheart?


"That blasted boy…" Barda grumbled as he made his way through the city. Not five minutes in and let had already gotten lost. It wasn’t like Lief to indulge in such reckless behavior, not when the whole of Deltora was at stake. "Lief! Where are you?!" In desperation, the big man turned to a passerby, a tall man with blue hair. "Excuse me, but have you seen a young boy, about sixteen years old? He wears a cloak about his shoulders and a silver belt around his waist."

"Hm?" Kyle paused at the sound of someone’s voice. "A boy, you say? Ah…" He tried to remember if he had seen anyone, but to be honest, he hadn’t been paying much attention to his surroundings at all. "I’m sorry, but I cannot say that I have seen him. I’m terribly sorry, and I wish that I could be of more help to you."



"Let me see, now… Kyle Marlon, am I right? Of course I am, I’m The Master Of The Hellish Yard~ So…."


"What horrid sin brought you to my domain~?”

     “The Hellish Yard?” Kyle’s face went pale.

     “Well, you are the ‘Master’, are you not? Then surely, you would know as well as I about any sins that I…may or may not have committed.”



"Unsurprising. You have a faint scent of magic on you, though I believe it to be residual from an encounter you have had previous. In fact, I would question if you did understand. Nay, you are truly a very normal human. The Crimson Moon was the one who came to this world on what is now known as the Moon. As should be obvious, dominion on the moon lies solely on me. This world as well belongs to me, as I was created by Father and Mother Gaia’s wishes.

This residual magic on you though, I believe it demonic in nature. I would ask of you, if you have knowledge of it, where you would have encountered such. There shall be no punishment if you cannot answer, it is simply my curiosity. Not many encounter those of demonic strength and escape as a true human.”

     Ah, yes. Surely, the ‘encounter with magic’ that she spoke of was none other than that incident. How on earth she knew about that was beyond him, but he was reluctant to speak on the matter any further. His memories of that time, though vague, were more unpleasant than he could bear.

     “I am sorry to disappoint you, but I have no knowledge of any such thing.” It was a lie, but told rather easily. “Surely, you must be mistaken, for I have never encountered something so strange. I am, as you said, a ‘very normal human’. You, on the other hand, seem to be anything but.”

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Silvia stared blankly at him for a few moments. No, she hadn’t heard of that. And it would be a little odd if she didn’t pick up on it at some point— murder of royalty, no matter how minor the royalty is, is discussed everywhere. And she wouldn’t forget it if she heard it. How had it happened? Could he be lying? But what was the point of that? Silvia tightened her fists and raised her neck. People like that dying…it was a startling thing to think about.

"…Yes," Silvia said at last, "Continue."

It wasn’t entirely surprising that she didn’t know about that. It wasn’t exactly public knowledge. Even Kyle hadn’t been aware of it until recently.

"Well, I say that they were members of the royal family, but in truth, they probably had little, if any, claim to the throne. Still, I suppose my mother must not have been satisfied with that." He paused, shaking his head a little. "That is to say, that she was, in fact, the one responsible for this terrible crime….or so it would seem. Of course, I hope you understand that this is information is secret, and I should hope that it remains that way."

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1, 2!

Why did you start role playing?

I don’t know. I guess it just seemed kind of fun. Ren seemed to really like the idea of me joining him here, too so I guess that helped.

What made you choose your muse?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I was utterly appalled to learn there was no Kyle. Apparently, most people don’t really like him for some reason?

Munday Ooc Questions
1: Why did you start role playing?
2: What made you choose your muse?
3: Is there anything challenging about writing your muse?
4: Is there anything enjoyable about writing your muse?
5: What has been your favourite thread?
6: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves?
7: What is your preferred roleplaying style and why? (semi para/para/mirror etc)
8: If you knew your muse in RL would you be friends or enemies?
9: Is there a certain writing style or colloquialisms you have to use for you muse that changes from your own?
10: Have you picked up any of your muses habits
11: [Canon] Is your character major/minor and did this have any influence in your decision to play them?
12: [Canon] Do you feel you stick to canon characteristics of your muse?
13: [Canon] Did you make any changes to your muses timeline/background?
14: [Canon] Was there anything that made this muse difficult to work with ,i.e canon death/canon location?
15: [Canon] Do you play/interact with the canon character differently now that you roleplay them?
16: [OC] What gave you the inspiration for your muse?
17: [OC] What made you choose their faceclaim/appearance?
18: [OC] Was their background decided from the start or developed over time?
19: [OC] Does your character have any canon routes or is their background self created?
20: [OC] How did you choose their name?
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((♥ + me sure))
  1. You have really great AUs.
  2. You’re the only one who really talks to demon!Cesare, and I love that. (I hateship him and Kachessa so hard now)
  3. You have lots of really good things to say, and make compelling arguments.
  4. Also, you like Yugioh, too. I am not alone in this world! OuO
  5. No, but really, you’re super cool. Keep up the good work, and try not let Kachessa get killed again.
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♥ + me?
  1. You have a good sense of humor.
  2. You don’t hate me (I think), so points for that.
  3. Joseph/CarlosxPollo = OTP (Good times)
  4. Oh, I’ve always liked how well thought out your Meltdown muses are! It’s so great that you were able to create such a story from one song.
  5. You’re just a really cool person, okay?